What we offer and how we work

The design process is laid out with the intention to clarify for the client the order that things will probably occur in. It is very likely that not all these stages or steps will apply in your case.

Stages 1 to 5 are the basis of the design package but even here the client may not require all of this, for example parts of the survey stage may be missed out if the client is already in possession of an adequate site survey or for other reasons the job does not require it.

Likewise for stages 6 to 9, there are various elements of all these stages that may not apply for you, however if needed, they are very important to take a full project through to it successful conclusion.

We are here to guide you through each step as it applies and we try to offer as flexible a service as possible as the requirements of clients can be so variable. There may be elements that are not mentioned here, please ask if you need more information.

Loosely ‘the design process’ will follow the stages set to below.